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80+ Fall Quotes to Celebrate the Beauty of the Season 🍂

Fall Quotes by Laura Jaworski, Autumn Quotes by Laura Jaworski

Fall Quotes by Laura Jaworski


“The leaves are changing; I feel poetry in the air." ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂

Fall Quotes by Laura Jaworski


“Softly, green gives way to gold

The summer warmth gives way to cold

And autumn winds begin to blow

Across the changing earth.” Laura Jaworski 🍂

Fall Quotes by Laura Jaworski, Autumn Quotes by Laura Jaworski


“Autumn is the time when Nature takes her watercolor to the trees.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂

Fall Quotes by Laura Jaworski


“An autumn breeze,

a string of words,

a star-filled sky—

all are poetry.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂

Fall Quotes by Laura Jaworski


“In the hazy days at summer’s end

When the air’s still warm and the green near spent

When the days grow short and the evenings tall

Then you feel in a whisper,


Laura Jaworski 🍂


“A little leaf

In a sea of green

Takes a breath, and poof, he’s yellow!

Then his friends join along

And begin Autumn’s song

All because of that brave little fellow.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“There are few things finer than a walk among the trees on an autumn day.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“What gold I have, I give to you

Words spoken by a world at play

And offered as the falling leaves

This bright October day.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Orange in the autumntime

Blossoms in the spring

Shelter for the animals

A perch for birds to sing

Stalwart in the colder months

In warmth, a rustling sea

Is there anything in all the world

More lovely than a tree?”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“There is no greater artist than a tree in autumntime.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“To walk among the falling leaves

And breathe the autumn air

And keep the company of trees

What thing could be more fair?”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“When summer greets autumn

They two, for a while

Conspire in whispers

Then part with a smile.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Each season promises beauty enough so as not to regret the former’s passing.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Little squirrel out gathering

In the autumn sun

The leaves have tucked away your seeds

But searching's half the fun.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“One breath of autumn is pure joy to the senses.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Come Autumn

Roll your red-gold wave


Across the good earth.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The warmth of summer ebbs

As Nature works her alchemy

Of changing green to gold

And costuming the autumn tree.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Leaves fall and the spirit soars.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“In a burst of gold, comes autumn.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“In autumntime

The fairies sit

Upon the leaves so patiently

Until the time

The wind comes by

And sails them from the trees.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The whistling winds are thrilling

The falling leaves, divine

And oh, how Nature paints the living earth in autumntime.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“It fluttered past an autumn tree

In yellow-gold it caught my eye

The last of summer’s fleeing warmth

A lovely little butterfly.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn holds a wonder all its own.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The shuffle underfoot

The gently falling leaves

The chimneys puffing woodsmoke

That scent the frosted breeze

The pumpkins in their patch

The cornstalks growing tall

The landscape slowly changing garb

From green to gold—it’s fall!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“On a crisp October evening

In a cozy little patch

A chipmunk found a pumpkin

In a tuft of autumn grass

He built a door and windows

And a chimney made of stone

Then he hugged that little pumpkin

As he whispered, welcome home!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Sailing autumn leaf

The blue sky is your ocean

The wind is your wave.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The squirrels collect their nuts

The leaves take to the sky

We welcome bright, crisp evenings

And wave the warmth goodbye

The breeze begins to nip

The caps and scarves appear

How magical the world becomes

When autumntime is here.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“I would regret losing the warm green of summer were it not for autumn’s promise of gold.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Beautiful autumn

With no camera in sight

You’re captured by soul.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“There is great beauty in each season, but autumn has a pinch of something more.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn went out walking

And with a brush in hand

She draped the trees in red and gold

And dressed the changing land

She painted leaf and garden

And made the cold wind blow

Till all the world lay steeped within

Her bright October glow.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The world

Bronzed in autumn

Breathes magic.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“When autumntime approaches, you can feel it

Like a distant call that’s sailing on the breeze

It’s a-comin’ ever closer with a paintbrush

And a yellow, red-gold palette for the trees

There’s a crisp, delightful coolness all around you

And a crinkle underfoot, as if to say

Let’s go strolling through the bright October sunshine

With the dancing leaves ahead to guide the way!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“No seams

No in betweens

Just gentle flow

When leaves begin to blow

And flowers grow

No distinctions

No parts

Just a year

Blending into

One work of art.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“In her finest gold-tipped pen, Nature writes the poem of autumn upon the earth.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“There is something so wonderfully charming about a pumpkin.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Pumpkins grow when the world turns cold

And the trees match the orange of the patch

When the vines take their time in a glorious stretch

As they trail through the sweet autumn grass

With a wave of some magic held fast in the earth

All at once they sprout up from the ground

And I doubt that a sight filled with greater delight

O’er the whole of the world could be found.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Crisp, delightful, apple-scented autumn—oh, how I adore you!” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“I imagine the trees must enjoy autumn every bit as much as I do.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn is a place where words fall short.

It is a magic that must be felt, breathed, experienced, and treasured.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂



when the trees shake loose their garments

and we bundle in our own.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“In the quiet of a pumpkin patch

With the moon hanging high in the sky

If you listen close, you might just hear

The gnomes as they pass by

They’ll march along to an autumn song

That they sing oh-so-soft as they go

Then watch with delight at a magical sight

For oh, how those pumpkins will grow!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The gnome’s have gone out marching

For autumn’s here again

And all throughout the golden wood

They’re calling to their friends

Bring apples, pears, and pumpkins

And pile them at the gate

The leaves are skipping on the wind

It’s time to celebrate!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Up in the ol' apple tree

With the moon shining down through the branches

With a rickety ladder to climb

(But that's OK, I'll take my chances)

With a mug of my favorite cocoa

And a blanket that fits me just right

With a big slice of pie

Gazing up at the sky

On the very first crisp autumn night.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“I'd like to spend the night in a pumpkin patch

With the moonlight up above

And firefly lanterns hanging in the sky

With a scarecrow on the lookout

And a mound of hay to nestle in

I'd like to spend the night in a pumpkin patch

With a fire to keep us warm

Telling stories, and passing around

Apple cider and spiced cinnamon cookies


How I would like to spend the night in a pumpkin patch!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“In the fall

A soft breeze

Through the trees

Turns the leaves

Into fireworks confetti.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn is the soul of Earth made tangible.” ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Close your eyes,

Breathe in autumn,


Laura Jaworski 🍂


“A little squirrel

Gathering in the sunshine

Autumntime is here.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The scent of cinnamon and cloves

Round pumpkins and crisp, sweet apples

A world turned ruddy in rich shades of orange and gold

Puffing chimneys, sweaters, warm drinks

And leaves, gently leaving one home for another—


Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Nature is an alchemist,

gathering the last of summer’s green

and turning it to gold.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Orange leaf

Blue sky

Crisp air

Wind high

Day short

Night long

Crackling fire

Autumn’s song!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The earth is steeped in yellow gold

The air has caught a chill

And rows of pumpkins big and small

Are perched upon my sill

The leaves are falling prettily

Like crimson-colored rain

And all the world is glistening

It’s autumntime again!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“There is no season untouched by the beauty of green.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Late autumn sunlight

Streaming through the crimson leaves

Turns the world to gold.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Gold in hand is pleasant

A pocketful is nice

But autumn's gold holds such a worth

Each leaf is counted twice

So give me gilded woodlands

And gently falling leaves

I'd gladly forfeit opulence

For walks among the trees.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


"Oh that I could bottle fall

And make the magic last

Too rapidly the colors fade

The leaves depart too fast

But then, the winter snows will come

And afterward, the green

And so I'll treasure every step

And each breath in-between."

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn reaches past its bloom

A cold November afternoon

The trees stand bare against the sky

A solitary leaf floats by

The earth has changed, and changed again

From summer's green to autumn's red

And soon the wood will sink beneath

A swath of white, a winter sheathe

How beautifully each day is made

Each sunbeam cast and setting laid

By what great hand is such work done

My heart can think of only one.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


"Autumn’s gold has fallen

It rests upon the floor

A garment laid about the wood

That once the fair trees wore

But still the leaves are treasure

Held fondly by the earth

For every mote in nature’s keep

Is infinite in worth."

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“What is the magic of an autumn day?

I do not know, I cannot say

But does a woodland set aglow

Not stir the longings of the soul?

What is the magic of a winter snow?

I cannot say, I do not know

But does a landscape dressed in frill

Not speak of something greater still?”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“That first breath of autumn—like stepping into a watercolor,

like gazing at a deep and vibrant wonder.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Dear trees, what magic you must hold

To change the leaves from green to gold

And weave a flaxen cloth so fine

To dress the wood in autumntime.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn is a masterpiece for the senses.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“In the golden glow of autumn, one cannot help but believe in magic.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Blush on the leaves

Green on the pine

Crisp in the air—

It’s autumntime.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Leaves turn at summer’s waning

Snow falls at autumn’s end

It seems each season lends itself

To what comes round the bend.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Drink the beauty of the day.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


Autumn Firsts

A leaf that isn’t like the others

A gust of wind that isn’t warm

A scent of baking rich in spice

A gently waving field of corn

A patch of pumpkins round and plump

A sweater lifted from its drawer

These are the firsts of every fall

And every year I love them more.

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“What a beautiful gift the trees give,

offering their leaves to the earth with a promise of beauty,

nourishment, and renewal.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Little leaves of red and gold

Skipping on the breeze

How cheerfully you pluck yourselves

To dance among the trees.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Each season has its beauty

In spring the flowers grow

In summertime the green delights

In winter comes the snow

But one above the others

Is rich in golden grace

As if the earth had fashioned fall

From threads of gleaming lace.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


Autumn Calls

It weaves its way to summer’s end

And gathers with each leaf that falls

A whisper carried on the wind

A quiet longing—

Autumn calls.

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Each leaf is another swipe of the paintbrush

on the living masterpiece that is autumn.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Crisp October morning

Hot tea rises

To greet the autumn mist.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Somewhere down a winding road

When summer starts to wane

The wind begins its gentle hymn

Soon fall will come again.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn inspires endlessly.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Here is the golden season,

when Earth weaves her magic into light.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Catch me, called the little leaf

Then took off in a run

Across the gently waving fields

Alight with golden sun

Then all at once her little friends

Went following along

And how they leaped and twirled and laughed

As Autumn sang its song.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂

Fall Poetry


There Is a Path to Autumn

There is a path to autumn

Though few have ever been

Away down in the wildwood

In wafts of summer green

It’s there you’ll find the faefolk

The pixies and the gnomes

Some set out on adventure

Some ambling to their homes

And on the trail they’re trekking

When summer’s stretched a ways

You’ll feel a sweet wind rising

To soothe the sweltry days

The trees extend their great limbs

A twinkling light unfurls

Then sweeps across the woodland

Bringing autumn to the world.

Laura Jaworski 🍂

80 "Rarely does a poem involve words."

Laura Jaworski 🍂

Fall Poem


“Fly, Little Bird

With the wind at your breast

And the world far below to surveil

High, Little Bird

Through the wind and the rain

Through the sleet and the snow and the hail

Oh, Little Bird

What a joy it must be

To glide over mountains and trees

To skim past the clouds flying high, Little Bird

Like a ship sailing free on the breeze.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂

82 "Autumn's gold is free." ~ Laura Jaworski 🍂


“The world changes so in autumn

Rapidly, and with such delight

One hardly knows the palette

From the morning to the night.” Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Autumn is a poem in which you can wander." Laura Jaworski 🍂


“Warm is autumn’s beginning

Crisp is the in between

And snowy white are the final days

As December lays the scene.”

Laura Jaworski 🍂

🍂 Happy autumn! 🍂

Fall Quotes

Fall Quotes

Fall Quotes

Fall Quotes

80+ Fall Quotes to Celebrate the Beauty of the Season 🍂


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