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Nelson the Blue Whale & Other Tales

From author Laura Jaworski and artist Jerry Meyer comes Nelson the Blue Whale & Other Tales, a heartwarming three-story treasury about friendship, kindness, and the magic of teamwork. Join Nelson & the gang in a charming adventure that is sure to make you smile.

The Little Tree


One bright spring morning, a little sapling popped his head up from the ground. “Hello!” said the sapling. “Well, hello!” said a nearby willow.


From author-illustrator Laura Jaworski comes The Little Tree, a heartwarming tale about friendship, self-discovery, and the beautiful path to peace. Featuring 17 hand-crafted illustrations, The Little Tree is a tale for readers of all ages.

You’re invited to the home of Mr. Gnome, where the tea is piping hot, the best of friends are laughing, and something wonderful is always happening. Featuring 17 hand-crafted illustrations, Mr. Gnome’s Home is a delightful tale about friendship, and the wonderful things that happen through generosity and kindness of heart. Join Mr. Gnome & friends in their whimsical wood—the adventure begins today!

There's a New Rhino in Town

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Do you want to be yourself, or someone else entirely?
Sometimes it takes a journey, to help you learn the truth...

That all you ever need to be, is you.


Come join Rhino & the gang on this heartwarming, laugh-filled adventure to friendship—we can’t wait to see you there!


There's a New Rhino in Town, now available on!







Come join the fun in Jingle Jingle Little Gnome & Other Children’s Poems, an action-packed adventure featuring 40 illustrations and filled with happy hippos, bouncing worms, jingle gnomes, cloud naps, and more—we can’t wait to see you there!

The Little Star

A little light shone

From a little star

In a little world

In a little box...


And it was all captured,

by a camera.


Welcome to the magical world of The Little Star, now available on!

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