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Laura Jaworski


Laura Jaworski is a crochet artist that likes to dabble in other mediums.

Jerry Meyer


Jerry Meyer is an exceptionally talented artist & all-around cool guy. See more of his work here.

Jess Cally


Jess Cally is an Australian artist who enjoys sipping good coffee, wearing colorful tights, and all things Carl Sagan. Cally spent a year working on images for Laura Jaworski's marvelous children's book, 'The Little Star.' Each diorama is constructed completely from colored paper, fishing wire and a whole lot of blu tac! She hopes her work at the very least will make you smile.

Michelle Ye


Michelle Ye is a horticulturist that enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time. Check out some of her stuff here.

Elizabeth Iadicicco


Elizabeth Iadicicco is a classically trained artist currently living in the Hudson Valley. Her illustrations aim to reconnect the viewer with the simplicity and freedom of childhood. Check out more of her inspiring work here

Bernadet Boorsma


Bernadet is a pen & ink artist currently residing in the Netherlands. Check out more of her lovely work here

Yui Kajita Laura Jaworski The Frog of Bugburry Pond

Yui Kajita


Yui Kajita is a Japanese artist who uses ink, watercolors, and sometimes colored pencils to create whimsical illustrations inspired by nature, books, and fantasy. She is also a literary translator and a scholar of English literature, and her work is rooted in her love of storytelling. Check out more of her stuff here.

In the Quiet Beauty of the World

Shelley Hanmo Qian


Shelley Hanmo Qian is a self-taught illustrator who specializes in creating paper art designs from upcycled materials such as magazines and paper bags. Through her colorful paper artworks, Shelley hopes to share the message of creating beauty from materials that are regularly thrown out. Check out more of her lovely work here.

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