Laura Jaworski

Laura Jaworski is a crochet artist that likes to dabble in other mediums. Stay tuned.

Jerry Meyer

Jerry Meyer is an exceptionally talented artist & all-around cool guy. See more of his awesome work here.

Jess Cally

Jess Cally is an Australian artist who is currently living in Portland. Oregon. She enjoys sipping good coffee, wearing colourful tights, riding her electric bike around town and all things Carl Sagan. Cally has spent the last year working on images for Laura Jaworski's marvelous children's book, 'The Little Star.' Each diorama is constructed completely from coloured paper, fishing wire and a whole lot of blu tac! She hopes her work at the very least will make you smile.


To view more of her art please visit here.


Michelle Ye

Michelle Ye is a student at NC State studying Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, and Math. While she's not busy doing site plans and proofs she loves to draw and paint. Check out some of her stuff here.

Christine Jaworski

Christine Jaworski is a wonderful artist and illustrator. She also happens to be Laura's sister. Check out Goats and Coconuts to see more of her amazing work.

James Johnstone

James Johnstone is a native Australian with an intimate knowledge of all things wild and dangerous. Namely, eating cheesecake and playing with his best friends, Murphy the dog, and Poco the parrot. James is currently studying art with the goal of becoming a world-renowned colored-pencil-wielding illustrative genius. We'll keep you updated. 

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