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76 Quotes About Light, Love, & the Spiritual Journey ✨

“Meditation is a slow melt into love.”

Laura Jaworski

“Your every word,

your every thought,

your every intention is a gift to the world.”

Laura Jaworski

“Love is at once

the new shore and the known,

the journey and the home.”

Laura Jaworski

“Speak peace, and peace is born.”

Laura Jaworski


a gentle peace,

a still that is sown,

a light of the heart,

a love that is home.”

Laura Jaworski

“In whispers through the heavens

In soft wind through the trees

In particles of sunlight

In rising of the seas

In stillness and in silence

Where love and beauty teach

Listen child, oh listen

The soul of life, it speaks.”

Laura Jaworski

“Allow your heart to overflow with gratitude,

and so,

fill the world with love.”

Laura Jaworski

“With Love comes

a softening,

a gentleness,

a kindness,

a joy.”

Laura Jaworski

“Breathe daily for peace;

the goodness of your intention spreads light to the world.”

Laura Jaworski

“And Love said,

at the heart of all life you will find me,

at the heart of all life is my home.”

Laura Jaworski

“Let us come together in the spirit of love;

let us heal the world through peace.”

Laura Jaworski

“We are the healing;

we are the light.”

Laura Jaworski

“All that is good, we are.

Love and compassion radiate from our very being,

we need only remember.”

Laura Jaworski

“Gather lovely thoughts.”

Laura Jaworski

“All hearts beat in time with the beauty of creation.”

Laura Jaworski

“Oh, that I might walk kindly through life,

with peace in my heart,

and compassion for all.”

Laura Jaworski

“In a quiet moment,

when the truth comes,


Laura Jaworski

“Peace is a beautiful answer to any question.”

Laura Jaworski

“Lend your heart to the making of the world;

watch as it springs up in flowers.”

Laura Jaworski

“Look up;

Notice how the stars shine.

Look in;

Notice how the stars shine.”

Laura Jaworski

“We uplift the world

through kindness,

through creativity,

through light,

through love.”

Laura Jaworski

“Darlin’, you’re nothing but love in disguise,

when you smile you can’t hide it,

it shines from your eyes.”

Laura Jaworski

“We are light, ever-flowing;

we are wonder and knowing;

we are magic at play;

we are peace,


Laura Jaworski

“Floating gently down

The river of life


Over the waterfall

Into the ocean

Of infinite love.”

Laura Jaworski

"Close your eyes;

enter the infinite."

Laura Jaworski

“In the garden of the heart,

love sings.”

Laura Jaworski

“In the golden light-silence of the self,

what thought could form but love?”

Laura Jaworski


upon layer

upon layer of lessons,

and at the center of it all,


Laura Jaworski

“The further down my spiritual path I go, the less I am able to define.

When I turn inward, I find no words.

Only light;

only love.”

Laura Jaworski

“Your time is so precious;

you only have forever.”

Laura Jaworski

“To the rivers, the rocks

To the fish of the sea

To the moon

To the sun’s golden ray

To the insects

The people

All life and all hearts

To the earth

To the stars—


Laura Jaworski

“We are bound by naught but love

And love, in essence, knows no chain

It seeks no rung on which to climb

Nor accolade to gain

We are bound by naught, and so

We souls are free, and freedom calls

And this, our great and noble truth

Is deeply felt by all.”

Laura Jaworski

“With a million blessings upon your fingertips, touch the world.”

Laura Jaworski

“I am peace

I am love

I am light

I am soul

I am at once everything

And one part

Of the infinite whole


Laura Jaworski

“All life is a mosaic of light, and you, a brilliance throughout.”

Laura Jaworski

“All but peace is a game;

light is your essence,

love is your name.”

Laura Jaworski

“Wherever you stand shines light.”

Laura Jaworski

“You can not hold forever in your hand,

But you can feel it in your heart;

You can know it in your soul.”

Laura Jaworski

“Be brave,

Be kind,

Be honest,

Be true;

Remember these things are alive within you.”

Laura Jaworski

“Upward, upward

beauty grows

from seeds of love within the soul.”

Laura Jaworski

“There is only life

and each moment worth living

There is only love

and the joy in its giving.”

Laura Jaworski

“When morning time comes calling

And you wake to greet the day

Listen close to what it tells you

And to all it has to say

In the wind that whistles softly

And the songs the wee birds sing

In the trees and in your own good heart

There’s love in everything.”

Laura Jaworski

“Release all but the heart, and be free.”

Laura Jaworski

“Let us hold each other’s hearts with gentle hands.”

Laura Jaworski

“The sun shone out upon all life

From rock and tree to glistening star

And smiling, said to everything

You’re perfect as you are.”

Laura Jaworski

“The eyes see many things;

the heart feels all.”

Laura Jaworski

“Where goes the soul,

so goes heaven.”

Laura Jaworski

"Each peaceful breath

is a petal opening on the bud of humanity,

a bloom on the flower of life."

Laura Jaworski

“Live in your blessings;

breathe them in like wildflowers.

Give thanks to them through your peace,

your love, and your joy

as you greet each moment.”

Laura Jaworski

“One loving thought blesses the whole of creation.”

Laura Jaworski


there is peace to be found in the most beautiful of things:

the sound of birdcall,

a soft breeze,




And the eternal goodness of the soul.”

Laura Jaworski

“Shake free from sorrow,

like a coat you've worn too long into spring.

Leave it behind,

allowing life to do with it as it will

and walk, child


into love.”

Laura Jaworski

“Color, Light, Vibration, Joy—

these things are woven by the Divine.”

Laura Jaworski

“To all the things of earth and sky, give love.”

Laura Jaworski

“You are infinite light,

and beauty,

and love,

living in a human body for an exceptionally short amount of time.”

Laura Jaworski

“The beauty of enlightenment:

you need be nothing more than you are.”

Laura Jaworski

“Nothing you do in this life can diminish the beauty of your soul.”

Laura Jaworski

“Love purifies all things.”

Laura Jaworski

“Like raindrops falling in a stream, we must allow ourselves to return seamlessly to love.”

Laura Jaworski

“The soul is a garden of abundance and light.”

Laura Jaworski

“We are all lightworkers.”

Laura Jaworski

"What do I carry wherever I go

What will spring up from the seeds that I sow

What can I safeguard, create, and release

And offer each soul that I chance upon—


Laura Jaworski

"There is beauty in this moment

There is wonder in this day

There is truth in life eternal

And a light to guide the way

There is goodness all around us

There is joy in each sweet soul

There is love in every fragment

And each fragment makes the whole."

Laura Jaworski

“In every experience, a lesson.

In every lesson, love.”

Laura Jaworski

“The world has come calling, O Soul

And so, will you answer it?

So, will you go?

And set out to learn what you already know?

The world has come calling, O Soul.”

Laura Jaworski

“Walk in peace,

breathe peace,

foster peace—

these are the steps to heaven.”

Laura Jaworski

“Drink the beauty of the day.”

Laura Jaworski

“What is fleeting?

What is passing?

Only illusion.

What is lasting?

What is eternal?

Only love.”

Laura Jaworski

“Sailing over rock and grass

O'er woodland stream and mountain pass

There is no thing with more allure

That holds more worth or essence pure

From soul to sun and starlit night

And unto life eternal—


Laura Jaworski

“I meet myself at the end

never having left the beginning;

I fall in love with the love

that has always been me.”

Laura Jaworski

“Give yourself to silence,

And the whole of Joy will find you.”

Laura Jaworski

“Call on the light of your inner-being and all darkness will disappear.”

Laura Jaworski

“The mind may search and wander

The body, yearn to roam

But oh, the stillness of the soul

Will ever guide you home.”

Laura Jaworski

"Let truth be the light by which we tread;

let peace be our pathway to heaven."

Laura Jaworski

“Child of the light,

you have come to bring heaven to earth.”

Laura Jaworski

“To peace,

to love,

to joy;

on this day,

and evermore.”

Laura Jaworski

Namaste 🙏💕


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