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60 Quotes About Art & Creativity by Author Laura Jaworski (@bugburrypond)✨

“There are no rules to creativity.” Laura Jaworski

“Inhale possibility,

exhale creativity.” Laura Jaworski

“Creativity is magic; feel it coursing through you, and run.” Laura Jaworski

“Trial and error is Creativity’s way of prolonging the fun.” Laura Jaworski

“It isn’t about being the best,

Because once you tap into the creative flow, the best doesn’t exist.

It’s about experiencing the magic.

It’s about being in that place where your heart is free.

It’s about grabbing hold of the intangible, and making something beautiful.” Laura Jaworski

“If you exist, then you are an artist.” Laura Jaworski

“What is made from the heart is a masterpiece.” Laura Jaworski

“Creativity is a dance with the Divine,

A connection to Source,

A journey through the realm of infinite possibility;

To create is pure magic.” Laura Jaworski

“Put your pen to your paper

Press down on the ink

Then take a short moment

To ponder and think

And listen real close to your heart’s gentle call

Then write every word that you hear,

One and all.” Laura Jaworski

“All is color and Light.” Laura Jaworski

“Creativity knows no bounds;

There is no jail that would hold it.

It flows beyond grammar and edge of canvas and specifics of brush or movement or tongue,

Out there and within you,

Always ready for the soul to take flight.” Laura Jaworski

“In the breath of life, Art lives.” Laura Jaworski

“The joy is in the making.” Laura Jaworski

“Fix your heart on the magic

Fix your mind on the dream

Trust in Life unfolding

And always, always believe.” Laura Jaworski

“Creativity flows freely through the soul.”

Laura Jaworski

“Catch the wind of infinite possibility, and set sail.” Laura Jaworski

"Curiosity is an unveiling." Laura Jaworski

“Earth and Soul breathe poetry alike.” Laura Jaworski

“Poetry is essence;

An unspoken voice

Flowing unhindered through the heart of all things

And blooming

At times

Through the tip of a pen.” Laura Jaworski

“With Creativity, you needn’t have wings to fly.” Laura Jaworski

“You can only go so far with words

Perhaps a bit farther with color

And then, you enter the Soul Realm,

The Joy Realm,

The essence of all that is.” Laura Jaworski

“Creativity is beauty in bloom.” Laura Jaworski

“Peace and freedom are interchangeable; Creativity moves throughout.”

Laura Jaworski



Journey beyond—

The truth is ever-blooming,

And curiosity is a magical thing.”

Laura Jaworski




Laura Jaworski

“Creativity is a portal to new angles,

new vantage points,

new worlds.”

Laura Jaworski

“When making art, there is nothing but art;

Life in praise of life,

Joy in ecstatic motion.”

Laura Jaworski

“The canvas is a beautiful place to learn the art of creative freedom.”

Laura Jaworski

“The state of silent wonder is a place in which inspiration loves to dwell.” Laura Jaworski

“Art is a journey of the soul.” Laura Jaworski

“Close your eyes and breathe;

Allow Creativity to flow through you like a river.”

Laura Jaworski

“One word,

One sentence,

One page,

One chapter,

One book;

Write.” Laura Jaworski

“Your sense of wonder is an artform.” Laura Jaworski

“Art is the seeker and the sought,

The dreamer and the dream,

The traveler and the destination;

Art is everything.” Laura Jaworski

“How could I take ownership of art when I am but one stroke of its making?” Laura Jaworski

“Art teaches art.” Laura Jaworski

“Every artform will lend you its eye and offer a new way to see.” Laura Jaworski

“The heart is poured like water through the workings of the hand.”

Laura Jaworski

“Creativity is the work of translating wonder.” Laura Jaworski

“Art is in all things; all things are in art.” Laura Jaworski

“The creative flow is ever-present.

If you don’t feel it,




Smile at the Universe,

And it will smile back.” Laura Jaworski

“There is no competition on the creative plane.”

Laura Jaworski

“Eyes full of wonder,

Heart full of joy.” Laura Jaworski

“The dreaming,

The making,

The resting—

All part of the creative process.”

Laura Jaworski

“Every day,

The sun paints the world in Light—

You can do the same.”

Laura Jaworski

“Use your imagination

For magical creation

An artsy celebration

Brought forth by this decree~

There are no rules to creativity!”

Laura Jaworski

“Creativity is a collaboration with magic.”

Laura Jaworski

“Art has a way of arriving at the precise moment it’s needed.”

Laura Jaworski

“Grammar is a guideline

And often good to know

But how can keeping to a box

Allow what's free to flow?

So listen when they teach you

To place things here and there

But once your heart begins to write

Just follow, anywhere!”

Laura Jaworski

“The creative plane is pure magic,

Pure adventure,

Pure freedom.”

Laura Jaworski

“Create of, through, and with the heart.”

Laura Jaworski

“Creativity is unconcerned with skill, it cares only for desire.”

Laura Jaworski

“The creative flow will weave the tale,

And you,

Brandish the pen.”

Laura Jaworski

“Creativity sees nothing but a heart at play.”

Laura Jaworski

“Dip your pen into the infinite well of creativity