The Loveliness of Trees πŸ‚

"Orange in the autumntime Blossoms in the spring Shelter for the animals A perch for birds to sing Stalwart in the colder months In warmth, a rustling sea Is there anything in all the world More lovely than a tree?” πŸ‚ Laura Jaworski πŸ‚

Little Autumn Squirrel πŸ‚

"Little squirrel out gathering In the autumn sun The leaves have tucked away your seeds But searching's half the fun." Laura Jaworski πŸ‚

Come, Autumn πŸ‚

"Come, Autumn Roll your red-gold wave Gently Across the good earth." ~ Laura Jaworski πŸ‚

Autumn Walk πŸ‚

"There are few things finer than a walk among the trees on an autumn day." ~ Laura Jaworski πŸ‚

October Gold πŸ‚

β€œWhat gold I have, I give to you Words spoken by a world at play And offered as the falling leaves This bright October day.” Laura Jaworski πŸ‚

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