Nature's Poetry πŸ‚

"An autumn breeze, a string of words, a star-filled skyβ€” all are poetry." Laura Jaworski πŸ‚

Green Gives Way to Gold πŸ‚

β€œSoftly, green gives way to gold The summer warmth gives way to cold And autumn winds begin to blow Across the changing earth.” Laura Jaworski

Nelson the Blue Whale & Other Tales 🐳

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my sixth children’s book, Nelson the Blue Whale & Other Tales! This three-story treasury features 30 illustrations and emphasizes the beauty of friendship, kindness, and the wonderful things that happen when we work together. I want to give a huge thank you to Jerry Meyer for bringing the stories to life with his amazing artwork, and another thank you to everyone for all of the support along the way. And without further ado… Nelson the Blue Whale & Other Tales, now available on Amazon! ❀️

Fall πŸ‚

"In the hazy days at summer's end when the air's still warm and the green near spent when the days grow short and the evenings tall then you feel in a whisper, Fall." Laura Jaworski

Creative Fun ✨

"Trial and error is Creativity's way of prolonging the fun." ~ Laura Jaworski ✨

Love πŸ’•

"Love is at once the new shore and the known, the journey and the home." Laura Jaworski

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