Within πŸ’•

Within: A gentle peace, A still that is sown, A light of the heart, A love that is home. ~ Laura Jaworski πŸ’•

Mr. Gnome's Home πŸ„

"The storm has passed, it’s time for breakfast Stack the kindling, slice the bread Hang about, where’s Mr. Gnome? Why, he’s fast asleep in bed!" Mr. Gnome's Home by Laura Jaworski πŸ„

With Love πŸ’•

"With Love comes a softening, a gentleness, a kindness, a joy." ~ Laura Jaworski πŸ’•

Listen ✨

"The beyond is calling; listen." ~ Laura Jaworski ✨

Divine Creativity ✨

I have yet to find the perfect word to encapsulate it, so for now, magic will have to do πŸ’–

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