Love in Disguise β™₯

"Darlin', you're nothing but Love in disguise, when you smile you can't hide it, it shines from your eyes." ~ Laura Jaworski

The Little Tree β™₯

β€œA tree grows tall from sturdy roots,” said the willow. β€œWe provide shelter for the animals and the insects. We offer cool shade and fresh air to all who are in need. That is our nature.” ~ The Little Tree by Laura Jaworski 🌳β™₯ ski🌳β™₯

Gift to the World β™₯

"Your every word, your every thought, your every intention is a gift to the world." ~ Laura Jaworski

Something Beautiful β™₯

"It isn't about being the best, because once you tap into the creative flow, the best doesn't exist. It's about experiencing the magic. It's about being in that place where your heart is free. It's about grabbing hold of the intangible, and making something beautiful." ~ Laura Jaworski

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